Flogging therapy - Flagellation cures all


The “Marker EXPRESS” weekly helped a Barnaul citizen experience the method of flogging therapy.

The “ME” editorial board has recently received an unusual letter, which was sent to “My dream” contest. The man wrote he wanted to be flogged. Alexander Frolov (the name is assumed) wrote he had once worked as a CEO, who had some 700 employees under his supervision, though then he found himself completely crash-dived… The reason was banal – hitting the bottle. He had tried to quit, but failed to achieve the desired results too soon, despite efforts.
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What’s the difference between flogging therapy and coding?

“Any coding is based on fear,” – Herman Pilipenko says. “A man is inspired with fear of the aftereffects of drinking, which is completely absent in the method of algetic influence. Actually, the phenomenon of pain is a matter of life rather than of death. After this procedure, our patients get all rosy, happy, and smiling… Our patients are not forbidden alcohol or drugs, as the requirements for them simply disappear. We are flagellating stress, i.e. those emotions, which are released from a human, when pain is felt; we hook on them and drag them away from sub-consciousness to the level of consciousness. For instance, at the moment of blow, a patient may remember some triviality, e.g. a situation, when her mother beat her for having lost a necklace. And then that girl decided that she was bad and had no right to live on. That decision is reached through drugs. But she has already forgotten this incident, and everything is in her sub-consciousness… We are dragging negative reflections away, and a patient is being depurated through pain.
Contraindications for flogging therapy
- Flogging therapy is not equally favorable to all patients, - Marina Chukhrova says. – Algetic therapy helps only those, who have always denied themselves nothing, getting every pleasure at their whistle, i.e. those, who have always been “mother’s boys”… Algetic therapy helps them very much indeed. At the same time, it’s useless for the scavenging and sponging homeless person, and we will never prescribe that treatment in this case. Algetic therapy is of no use to an alcoholic, who has constantly suffered and who has found drinking as a good method to salve difficulties.
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Elena Neifelt, narcologist from Barnaul:
- I’ve heard about the method of algetic exposure. But its efficiency is very difficult to estimate. That therapeutic method of treatment of alcoholism and drug-addiction is not used in Barnaul yet. The algetic therapy may possibly produce positive results if it’s used as an additional method of treating alcoholism or drug-addiction. But I, as a medical researcher, would certainly be interested in learning the cases of complete recovery resulted from flagellating patients.

Channel “Discovery” has taken an interest in the Novosibirsk method of flogging therapy


Herman Pilipenko
Clinical psychologist, psycho-internist specializing in the emotionally stressing therapy.
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