Flogging therapy - Flagellation cures all


Flogging the illnesses

(It’s impossible to be a former drunkard or drug-addict. Once that “rank” appeared, it will follow its owner forever. In case of a successful fight with those vices, one can say about remission – one year, five years, twenty years… Whatever methods you use, remission is not guaranteed in all cases.
At present, some experts in Novosibirsk are using a paradoxical method. We are going to discuss the essence of it here. Caution: This method does not suit everybody, who has suffered from delirium tremens, or has really gotten hooked on drugs.
Impetuses to immunity

To begin with, let us abstract ourselves from serious dependences, and have a talk about curing people of other diseases. Sergei SPERANSKY, PhD (Biology) tried the method of “flogging therapy” on his own. The first series helped getting rid of depression, when he had to practice self-flagellation. Life made him make the second try – though, not life exactly, but craving for living. It was right after his second infarction. Sergei Vladimirovich had his second series of a four-month flogging.
The mechanics is as follows: his buttocks were flogged once a week with withes. He was taken 30 blows in full strength, then – had a break, having tea with his “torturer”, then – 30 blows more. The next series of blows comes in a week, when the blue-yellow-black bruises have disappeared yet.
Believe it or not, but according to Speransky, in four months his cardiogram showed no deviations, and the scars on his heart completely resolved. Conventional pharmacology has certainly happened to be, but according to the researcher, it would never be so much effective.
According to the explanations given by Sergei Speransky, flogging therapy acts as an impetus to immunity, and for the white blood cells it doesn’t matter what to resolve whether these are bruises on the buttocks, or the scars on the heart.
The researcher told us that one of the folk healers he knows used that method for treating a patient, who was paralyzed after the stroke. After the eighth procedure, his ability to speak and to move came back to him. He even got a job!
All those, who so desire to flog their neighbors, should make a note of the following for themselves: a patient is free to choose this method of healing himself. The above method does not work as a way of “educating and punishment” either.
By the way, the monks, who practiced self-flagellation, often went blind. But they flagellated themselves whatever came to mind, without any “appetite”.


An alternative to the wine glass
Senior researcher of one of the Novosibirsk research institutes Marina CHUKHROVA, PhD (Med), treats drunkards and drug-addicts with the method of measured algetic exposure within the limits of body-oriented psychotherapy.
Actually, it’s what we’ve just spoken about, i.e. flogging, but with the psycho-internist present at all the procedures, and the narcologist – present at the initial procedure in order to perform desintoxication.
According to Dr. Chukhrova, the results are outstanding, as they have witnessed a 100% success. But it’s too early to be happy that remedy for all incurable diseases and ills has been at last found. Nobody speaks about the widespread application of that method. From all the aspirants to healing from their vices by the method of flogging, Marina Chukhrova selected only ten patients, and all of them have had stable remission. At present, all those patients are completely socialized; they’re working and having no problems in their families. Though, they sometimes come to visit a doctor to be “charged”.
But ten people cannot be considered as a reason of expressing unflagging optimism, as the method is far from being suitable to all.
“That method cannot enjoy wide application at all,” - Marina Chukhrova says. “Here one-off approach is possible only. The second education of the psycho-internist, we’re cooperating with, is manual therapy. Before he starts applying the method of algetic exposure to a patient, he considerably examines the patient, revealing tender points on patient’s body, his pain threshold, and his reaction to pain.
It’s noteworthy, that humankind has known about the level of reflexes in the buttocks zone for ages. But when I asked if a person could try treating his neighbor in home conditions, the answer was unambiguously negative.
By the way, Marina Chukhrova does not like the term “flogging therapy”, and tries to be remote from the ideas of Speransky.
“Even though I do respect Speransky as a scholar very much, our purposes and approaches differ, - she says. “If Speransky is closer to psychics, we specialize in medical science.”
Tatyana Shitilina
Picture drawn by Igor Elistratov)
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