Flogging therapy - Flagellation cures all


Why is alcoholism easier to heal?

(“When a person uses drugs or alcohol, it results in endorphins (hormones of happiness) synthesis disorder,” - narcologist Marina Chukhrova, PhD (Med) says. “Synthesis of one’s own endorphins has disappeared, while the receptors themselves are still waiting for… As a consequence of this, physical and mental discomfort appears, and a person starts seeking means for feeling happy and satisfied as before, and drugs and alcohol become so in the long run.
In the opinion of Novosibirsk researchers, after a deeply depressed drunkard, or drug addict has been severely flagellated and his endorphin receptors have been activated, endorphins are ejected, and that person begins to enjoy life as before.
“Alcohol dependence is easier to heal,” - clinical psychologist Herman Pilipenko says. “Drunkards are most commonly the really experienced adults. Some time ago, they had their own families, jobs, something more… They’re really interested in turning back the clock…5 to 10 procedures are enough for the drunkards. Drug addicts are much more difficult to deal with. Drug addicts may go to procedures for six months. As a rule, drug addicts are young enough. Their life style has not formed yet, and they’ve got clock to turn back. They have retreated in their nirvana, having nothing to remember in the past. Yes, they’ve been teenagers, and they’ve been unhappy, and confused… And that’s all. For this reason, it takes much more time to work with them.
The frequency of flogging procedures is never previously discussed, as a patient is free to come back again as soon as he starts feeling being drawn towards alcohol or drugs again. One’s own endorphins, i.e. so called “hormones of happiness”, generated after the algetic therapy, are usually enough for about a week, or ten days.”)

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