Flogging therapy - Flagellation cures all


Барнаулец испробовал на себе метод лечения розгами

(Once Alexander watched a TV plot, which was based on a story that someplace in Siberia alcoholism could be completely cured by means of flogging. Since then, he had a burning desire to over come his weakness.
As the “ME” has learned, such Novosibirsk researchers as clinical psychologist Herman Pilipenko, and narcologist Marina Chukhrova, PhD (Med), are studying the flogging therapy, or - to put it academically – the method of algetic exposure. We made a telephone call to the “Trans” psychotherapy center, where the above researchers work, and made an appointment for our patient with the experts from the “Trans”.

Way to.
Alexander got to our editorial office right in time of departure. He wasn’t scared. He was even smiling, though was really nervous, which was quite in a dither about his own decision to be flagellated.
The closer we drove to the Novosibirsk region, the more the mood of our protégé changed. He stopped chatting, and got more nervous. “My legs are trembling, - he says, - but don’t worry, I haven’t changed my mind. As I have told you, I will cross the Rubicon. It’s my last chance.” He sometimes clenched his head with his hands, his facial muscles trembling.
He stopped en route to have a smoke.
“You have nothing to worry about. I won’t escape.” – Alexander stilled my suspicions. “How will I be back to Barnaul?”
At entry to the Novosibirsk psychotherapy center, he said:
- A quotation from the “Master and Margarita” dawned upon me. When Joshua came to Pontius Pilate, he asked: “Will you let me go?”…
Psychologist Herman Pilipenko and narcologist Marina Chukhrova saw Alexander to a small room. There were two chairs and a couch in it.
Mr. Frolov came to a psycotherapeutical talk.
That was a torrent of questions put in rather an abrupt manner: How long have you drunk? How much can you drink at a time? Have you ever been haunted? What is your normal dose of alcohol intoxication?
- What do you do in the morning, when you must go to work, if you drank much alcohol the evening before?
- I simply have an acetyl salicylic acid pill, and then – have a long walk.
- Have you planned your life in the future, where there is no place for drinking?
- Not yet.
- Why not? If you want to quit drinking, it means that an enormous layer of your ordinary routine will disappear…Now, if you’re bored, you may have a drink; if you remember your wife and that makes you feel depressed, you may have one more drink. Or, when you think about your problems at work, you drink again. And what will you do there? What will you be doing, when you give up drinking?
- I might cut out patterns in thin sheets of wood with a fret-saw, or embroider patterns…
And so on, and so forth…

Flogging therapy

Before the procedure started, Alexander signed a document, proving his consent to that procedure.
- Please put off your clothes and stay in shorts. Would you lie face down and stretch your arms along the body?
Alexander follows all the instructions. Herman Pilipenko takes the twigs, which are the withes of various thicknesses. First, doc checks the pain threshold to determine the strength he will be able to flagellate his patient.
Then, the procedure starts. Herman is simply cutting the air with his withes not touching the patient’s body. The patient reaction is immediate – he contracts, his muscles twitching.
- As you see, I haven’t even touched you yet, and you’re reacting. That negative pendency impedes your life progress, - Herman says, - relax your muscles. Pain is a symptom of life, but not the one of death. If you feel pain, it means you are living. Pain disappears in some 5 – 10 seconds. I do know it. Before applying this method to my patients, I have tried it myself.
- And not once, - narcologist Marina Chukhrova confirms the said above, - Herman was once flagellated by Anna Fler, who is a folk healer. By the way, she lives here, in Altai. I was terrified to look at this procedure. But Herman didn’t even cry out. Actually, that woman has got really interesting methods of treatment. She heals alcoholism the following way. First, she sort of “buries” a patient in manure. She completely surrounds the patient’s body with manure, and puts some thatch onto his head to let the person have at least a little air to breathe in. Then, she reads some prayers, and only after that starts flagellating. We asked her to share her experience with us, because different techniques should be compared for scientific purposes.
Flogging alternates with the psycotherapeutical talk. Herman changes thin withes for the thicker ones. One of the withes he uses breaks off after the contact Alexander’s back. First, the blows were light enough, but every next blow was harder than the previous one. The blows are being taken to the whole body, i.e. to the back, legs, and buttocks. Alexander groans from time to time.
- What do you feel after the blows? – doctor asks.
- I feel some warmth all over my body… And I don’t actually understand what’s happening.
Herman makes every effort to snatch at every possible emotion of his patient. Alexander winces after the next blow.
- What have you thought right now? – Herman asks him.
- I want to live not blushing with shame…
- You sure will. – Herman keeps up that lofty conversation, cutting the air with his withes.
Flogging therapeutic procedure has lasted for over an hour for Alexander. And correspondent marks on his back witness that.


Way back.

Alexander was in high mood all the way back home. He got more energetic, less reserved, and less nervous. All way back home to Barnaul he was reading Vladimir Vysotsky’s poetry by heart for the journalist. He was also telling the stories of the fiction written by Ilf and Petrov in his own words. He was telling me biographies of such Russian novelists as Dostoevski, Tolstoy, and Lermontov… He was even philosophizing.
Herman Pilipenko told us Alexander would “stay on” for at least one week, though for complete recovery he would certainly need 3 – 4 more alike procedures.

In a week.

Alexander came to our office in a week. Since our last meeting he hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol.
- I don’t give a damn about that now, - he says, - as I’m not interested in it at all now. Frankly speaking, I don’t actually remember our way back from Novosibirsk. I remember our way to Novosibirsk, I remember how doctors were treating me. They are really high-rank experts, as they have succeeded to make me uncover for 20 minutes only. I felt as if I were a little boy… I burst into laughter, when Herman told me: “Now I will cause pain to you for the last time, and you will be free.” That was kind of a hysterical laughter. I thought to myself: ”Keep on flogging me! I am as steady as a rock.”)

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